Optimize MySQL with CPU Performance Virtualization

Install Dynimize on a Linux server with the following commands:

wget https://dynimize.com/install -O install
wget https://dynimizecloud.com/install.sha256 -O install.sha256
sha256sum -c install.sha256; if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then sudo bash ./install; fi

Effortlessly speed up your MySQL infrastructure

Improve MySQL performance

Dynimize improves the performance of online transaction processing workloads across a range of CPU families.

Zero downtime, instant ROI

Dynimize optimizes live programs that are already running without restarting them, and without making any system changes. Target program source code is not required.

Take advantage of CPU Performance Virtualization

Make better use of your hardware investment. Allow your software to experience a more resource-rich CPU microarchitecture.

Some of our Innovative

With over 1M+ students in our core DB, Dynimize has stabilized most of our processes, and we received excellent support from the Dynimize team. The stability that Dynimize brings to our workflow can be described as magical!
Jones Ajayi / Owner / Plovtech Solutions
One of our clients is a major TV news network and we use Dynimize to provide them with better service. I recommend Dynimize for any server that needs to operate more efficiently when it comes to their MySQL CPU load.
Dr Ugur Guven / Owner / Guven Technology
Building and managing a website is one thing, managing a server is also very important for the application to work properly, safely and efficiently at a reasonable price. That is where Dynimize comes in, maximizing efficiency with little cost.
Stéphane Giguère / Developer / parlons.ca

Optimize your workload in seconds

With Dynimize
Without Dynimize

Flexible, Cost-Efficient Pricing

Cost Per CPU Core

$1 per month
$0.00139 per hour

7-Day Free Trial
A simple tool that only takes minutes to try

Start and Stop Subscriptions Anytime
Billing time rounded to nearest second

No Additional Costs

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Subscription means you only pay for the time you use

Fixed means a one time payment for unlimited use on a specific host

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