Dynimize Affiliate Program

Do you want to build a recurring software subscription based revenue stream? Are your website visitors, clients or app users looking for better MySQL performance? If you answered yes to both of these questions then join the Dynimize Affiliate Program! It's easy and free!

What is Dynimize?

Dynimize is a background user mode Linux program that quickly optimizes the in-memory machine code of target processes based on profiling information it gathers at run-time, improving performance for many workloads. Dynimize has been shown to make significant improvements in MySQL and MariaDB performance.

Join the program

The Dynimize Affiliate Program offers you the opportunity to earn a recurring 50% commission on all revenue collected from Dynimize licenses associated with your affiliate account. Once a Dynimize license is associated with your affiliate account, you will earn a 50% commission on all recurring revenue generated from that license going forward.

A license can be associated with your affiliate account by either one of two ways:

1. The user's entire account is associated with your affiliate account because they signed up after clicking on your affiliate url link.

2. A new license is started with your affiliate promo code, which also provides the user a permanent 20% discount on that license.

You may be wondering if there are any limits to the commission, such as if you get a few large data centers to deploy Dynimize at scale with your promo code. The answer is that there are absolutely no limits.

Commission structure

You can either use an affiliate link or promo code to claim commission. With an affiliate link, you must link to any page within the dynimize.com domain from your website. When others click that link, their browser will store your dyniref cookie. There is no set expiration for this cookie. Once cookied, if they sign up at any point in the future with that cookie still active, their entire account will be associated with your affiliate account. All new licenses from their account will then provide you with 50% commission on their revenue, even after that cookie becomes inactive.

You may provide others a promo code that offers a 20% discount. You are then entitled to 50% commission on all the discounted subscription or fixed license revenues generated using that promo code. Promo codes can only be registered with a license the first time that license is created for that server.

For example, at $1/core/month, a 10 core server subscription to Dynimize will generate a recurring commission of 1 x 10 x (100%-20%) x 50% = $4/month or $48/year recurring commission off that one license.

Note that the last Dynimize affiliate cookie set in a user's browser will be the one that is applied to their account on sign up. Also note that if a user account you have claimed on sign-up through your referral cookie then creates a new license with a promo code, that promo code will take priority over your affiliate claim to the revenue from that license.

Get started

1. Sign up for a Dynimize account.

2. Apply to the program by using your Dynimize account email address to send an email to affiliate@dynimize.com. This is your application so highlight the great work that you do, and how you intend to promote Dynimize. For example, if you're a blogger and want to educate your readers about Dynimize, include a link to your blog. If you're a consultant, send your credentials. If you're a hosting provider then send a link to your website, describe your customers and any of their potential use cases. Your application will then be evaluated, which may take up to 48 hours.

Note that it is free to apply and there are no membership fees.

3. You will receive an email letting you know if your application was approved. Once approved you will have access to the Dynimize Affiliate Portal. Sign in to your Dynimize account and click on the Affiliate tab. On first access you will be prompted to read over and accept the Terms & Conditions.

4. You now have access to the Affiliate Portal. Enter an email address associated with a PayPal account where you intend to receive the commission.

5. Think of a promo code that you will share with others, and enter it on that same page.

6. Educate others on installing and using Dynimize. On your website, link to any page on dynimize.com using your referral pattern. In the above example referral pattern of ?dyniref=5, you could embed the following html link to our product page in your web page: <a href="https://dynimize.com/product?dyniref=5">your-link-description</a>. Any user that clicks this link before signing up will set your referral cookie that will associate their future sign-up with your affiliate account.

You can also have anyone start a license using the -promo=<your-promo-code> option. Or after installing Dynimize for others simply add promo=<your-promo-code> to the dyni.conf file. From that point onward, all billing time associated with that instance will accrue commission on your behalf.

As an affiliate you can change your promo code at any time and all licenses associated with your previous promo code will now be linked to your new promo code. The same applies if you change the PayPal account email address here.

Get paid

At the start of the month you will be paid commission from the billing period two months prior. A user will get charged at the start of the month for the prior month's usage, and we then wait another month to process any refunds. Your commissions net of refunds are then paid out the following month after that refund grace period has passed.

How does a user apply my promo code?

Just start a license using the promo code. For example:

$ dyni -license=start -promo=<your-promo-code>

$ dyni -license=fixed -promo=<your-promo-code>

If you are the one installing Dynimize for a client either manually or through a software project that you develop and distribute, you can instead add the option promo=<your-promo-code> to the dyni.conf file after installation. This latter approach helps to guarantee that your promo code will be applied when the end user eventually starts a license. This is the recommended approach when installing Dynimize from other projects with broad distribution, helping one to monetize such projects through Dynimize. For example, a performance monitoring tool, WordPress, cPanel or WHM plugin can easily recommend and then install Dynimize and even act as a front end interface. These apps can then set their project's promo code in dyni.conf as an effective way to generate revenue for the app creator.

Note that the promo code must be entered the first time that instance or host is registered with the licensing system when a license is first created there, when the command dyni -license=start is executed. It cannot be entered at a later time. If a user stops a license and even uninstalls Dynimize, and then starts a license in the future on the same system, the licensing system will still recognize the host and the initial promo code entered will always remain in effect, even if the new installation did not provide the promo code.

That's it! You can then view all expected and historical commissions in the Affiliate tab, broken down into a lot of detail. All data is as transparent as possible, while preserving the privacy of our customers by anonymizing and consolidating it.

Future Changes to the Affiliate Program

The rules and commission structure of this program may change in the future. In the event of such a change, or if this Affiliate Program is cancelled, all licenses already created before the change or cancellation will continue to provide the same commissions as when those licenses were first registered. Changes or cancellations to this Affiliate Program will only apply to future licenses. Once that has happened, if a license is stopped and then started again on the same host in the future, commissions for licenses on that host will continue to be generated in the same manner before the change to the Affiliate Program.

Rules of conduct

Amongst other things, you will be required to abide by these basic rules of conduct.

1. If writing about or recommending Dynimize, you must take the approach of an honest and unbiased educator, not a salesman. Your aim is to spread awareness about Dynimize and its potential benefits. Dynimize is by no means an appropriate solution for all performance problems and has its limitations. Please educate yourself about these limitations before recommending Dynimize to others, and make sure that they are aware of them.

2. You must refrain from licensing Dynimize with your promo code for a client or third party without their permission, or when it provides no foreseeable net benefit to them, and only serves the purpose of generating a commission.

3. You must disclose to those using your promo code or affiliate links that you are a Dynimize Affiliate.

4. You must not use your own promo code to generate licenses in any Dynimize account that you own.

5. You must not use your affiliate link to then create a new Dynimize account for yourself.

6. You must not use spam to share your promo code or affiliate link.

Thanks for joining the Dynimize Affiliate Program!

Feel free to email any questions to affiliate@dynimize.com.